Cooperative Interacting Vehicles Workshop / by Jeffrey Johnson

I will be co-chairing the Cooperative Interacting Vehicles Workshop at the 2019 Intelligent Vehicles Symposium in Paris. The workshop is soliciting both papers and posters that examine the technical aspects of cooperation and interaction in automated vehicles, including, but not limited to:

  • Cooperative Perception
    Consideration and trust of communicated information from sensors of other automobiles and infrastructure; latencies, spatio-temporal uncertainties

  • Situation Prediction
    Cooperative anticipation of the movement of vulnerable road users and other vehicles; methods that allow others to anticipate one's own behavior.

  • Cooperative Maneuver and Trajectory Planning
    Strategies for cooperative trajectory planning; implicit or explicit negotiations; common quality criteria; impact of non-cooperative road users on cooperative traffic

  • Data and Information Base
    Cooperative knowledge aggregation that may guide tactical behavior decisions

  • System Ergonomics
    Interaction between drivers and passengers and vulnerable road users with automated vehicles

The workshop will provide an excellent venue to present, share, and discuss ideas with experts in the field. Please visit the links below for more details if you are interested in contributing or attending: