Release 5 / by Jeffrey Johnson

The fifth release of our development packages brings several new libraries and several updates to existing libraries. This release also includes changes to the Ubuntu MATE platform to include several ROS tf2 dependencies:

The main component of this release is a prototype implementation of a monocular visual servoing controller based on Image Space Potential (ISP) fields. ISP field are designed to implement a subsumption control architecture that allows arbitrarily many layers of annotated camera data to be fused together in a coherent control space. The ISP control paradigm is specifically designed to address the guided collision avoidance problem to enable efficient online navigation in dynamically complex domains while maintaining guarantees on remaining collision free.

A technical report with details, experiments, and results will be released soon.

New & Updated

The following packages contain new or updated functionality.

maeve_macros (new):

  • Provide macros for commonly used comparisons and validity checks
  • Automatically log instances that checks fail
  • Add checks for NaN, finiteness in addition to checks previously available in ros_parameter_loading

isp_field (updated):

  • Renamed from cisp_field
  • Fix indexing error in soft constraint transform
  • Remove Eigen dependency
  • Add translation term to shape parameters struct

isp_controller (new):

  • For given ISP input, compute control command output
  • Written as a library that can be included in other nodes (such as ar_isp_field)

ar_isp_field (updated):

  • Renamed from ar_cisp_field
  • Incorporate isp_controller for computing control command sets from AR tags
  • Listen to joystick_controller_2d for guidance control commands

maeve_cameras (updated):

  • Fix camera calibration/launch files

ros_parameter_loading (updated):

  • Enable loading scoped params into structs
  • Update to use maeve_macros