Release 4 / by Jeffrey Johnson

The fourth release of our development packages brings several new libraries and several updates to existing libraries. No changes were made to the Ubuntu MATE platform, so this release is software only:

Summary of the release below, followed by highlights of upcoming releases.

The main component of this release is a basic implementation of Composite Image Space Potential (CISP) fields. These are scalar fields that represent environment information as specially defined potential fields. This is work related to the material Maeve will be presenting at IROS. A technical report giving more detail about this representation will be posted soon, but a short demonstration can be seen below, where brightness in the upper window visualization is proportional to time-to-contact:

New & Updated

The following packages contain new or updated functionality.

cisp_field (new):

  • Libraries to for computing and manipulating Composite Image Space Potential (CISP) fields
  • The fields themselves are represented as plain OpenCV data structures, so all algebraic operations are supplied by that library
  • This library define:
    • potential_transforms.h: Hard and soft constraint potential transform functions implemented as functors
    • tau.h: A method for computing tau estimates from discrete scale measurement sequences
    • visualization.h: A visualization function for projecting a CISP field to a "human interpretable" image

ar_cisp_field (new):

  • This package uses the ar_track_alvar package to generate and visualize Composite Image Space Potential (CISP) fields from AR tags; it is intended to serve as an example of how to compute CISP fields

ros_parameter_loading (updated):

  • Added macros for testing range containment
  • Add macros for testing even/odd integers
  • Added macros for equality/inequality checking
  • Enable loading parameters into arbitrary structs
  • Remove base class stream overload

maeve_cameras (updated):

  • Added launch file for streaming video file over ROS graph
  • Added calibration file for webcam

maeve_time_queue (new);

  • Simple interpolating time queue used for resampling discrete stream input

graveyard (new):

  • This stack contains packages of experimental code that have been abandoned

Upcoming in Future Releases

  • The "Virtual Bumper" functionality mentioned in the previous update will be implemented using CISP fields
  • Several small datasets for testing encroachment detection and virtual bumper algorithms