Release 3 / by Jeffrey Johnson

The third release of our development packages brings minor updates and several new packages. The Donkey Car hardware platform has been extended with a Piezo buzzer that can be activated through ROS, and a baseline encroachment detection package has been added that signals when objects in the field of view approach at speed. Release available at:

Summary of the release below, followed by highlights of upcoming releases.

New and Updated

rpi piezo buzzer (new):

  • Enable Piezo buzzer activation via ROS message on a Raspberry Pi
  • Configurable buzzer sound

encroachment detection (new):

  • Perform naïve encroachment detection based on image expansion
  • Intended as a baseline for future novel algorithm development

donkey bringup (new):

  • This package will collect launch files for bringing up Donkey Car sub-systems
  • Currently contains a launch file pipes encroachment detection signals into the piezo buzzer to give audible encroachment alerts

maeve cameras (updated):

  • Added camera calibration for fisheye camera at 160x120 resolution
  • The raspicam.launch launch file now starts the camera, republishes uncompressed output, and does image rectification

Ubuntu MATE Image (updated):

  • .bashrc is updated for more informative command prompt
  • Added 'maeve-pi' user to gpio group to prevent permissions errors with interacting with Raspberry Pi GPIO pins in python
  • Updated existing packages and added ros-kinetic-image-proc package

Upcoming in Future Releases

  • "Virtual Bumper" functionality: Integration of encroachment detection methods into the donkey vehicle controller
  • Several small datasets for testing encroachment detection algorithms