Release 2 / by Jeffrey Johnson

The second release of our ROS open source development packages adds control support for the Donkey Car robot platform. There is also now an image of Ubuntu Mate 16.04.2 LTS for Raspberry Pi that is pre-loaded with ROS Kinetic, Maeve development libraries, and configured for the Donkey Car platform.

Summary of the release below.

Donkey Car Support

This release introduces a Command2D message interface that allows the Donkey Car to be controlled from any ROS node, while the raspicam_node allows ROS nodes to access camera data from the Donkey Car. In addition, a joystick controller node has been added that allows vehicle control via USB game controller.

Ubuntu Mate 16.04.2 LTS Disk Image

  • ROS Kinetic core libraries + image/camera utilities
  • raspicam_node for connecting to the Donkey Car camera
  • Release 2 of Maeve Automation ROS development packages
  • hg-prompt for command line repository status
  • For performance, GUI is disabled by default; use raspi-config to re-enable
  • Image size: 6.2GB

New and Updated Packages

adafruit_pca9685 (new)

controller_interface_msgs (new)

  • A Command2D message is defined as a generic controller interface

joystick_controller_2d (new)

  • This package maps raw joystick commands onto a Command2D message for controlling mobile robots with a USB game controller

donkey_vehicle_controller (new)

  • This node maps Command2D messages onto actuation commands for the Donkey Car using the adafruit_pca9685 package

maeve_cameras (new)

  • This package contains convenience launch files for publishing webcam and raspicam_node data to the ROS graph

ros_parameter_loading (updated)

  • Added a python node parameter loader
  • The C++ version supports nested parameters (depth 1)
  • The C++ version now also has utility macros for <, <=, and >= comparisons

struck_node (updated)

  • Added support for raspicam_node output
  • Added convenience launch files for loading RViz with pre-defined config files

build_utilities (updated; formerly build utility scripts)

  • Added script to do in-place recursive PEP8 formatting of python files

rosdep (updated)