Test Results & Release 7 / by Jeffrey Johnson

This release includes the first physical test results of closed-loop control with Image Space Potential Fields. The test demonstrates a shared-autonomy control scheme that enforces collision avoidance behavior over an input global guidance behavior. Data set for the experiment:

Details and video of the experiment below:

Updated Packages

The seventh library release is primarily a maintenance release that addresses regressions and polishes some functionality.

Major changes and updates are described below.


  • Enable computation of desired control directly from ISP
  • Fix channel indexing problems during control computation
  • Fix build error regressions in unit tests
  • Add HorizonVisualizer to ROS interface


  • Add flag for potential-only control
  • Add more extensive RViz visualization config with horizon visualizer
  • Fix regression for treatment of age in scale queue


  • Replace internal horizon visualizer with that from isp_controller_2d
  • Update RViz configs


  • Consolidate launch files
  • Change raspicam image processing pipeline


  • Add optional gains to apply during message conversion